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The 360 Vision document sets out the foundation for a climate change centre of national significance on the site of our old Cockenzie power station.  The Vision content captures suggestions and ideas from many individuals and others, on how – through tourism, education, training, employment, energy, art and more – we might contribute towards turning the tide on climate change.    The Vision is the document that was presented to East Lothian Council in support of our ask for funding for a feasibility study into the proposal. Thankfully, ELC could see the potential in The 360 Vision and hear the passion in our words in commitment to 360 and funding was awarded.

Collaboration: The Importance of Partnerships is section 4 of The Vision.  Neither this project nor any project can succeed without collaboration and partnership.  We have stood true to this ethos throughout our 360 journey, working to foster positive partnerships wherever we can.  We’ve been mostly successful with this although the most important collaboration continues to evade us.

Bank Holiday Monday was welcomed and enjoyed while we awaited confirmation, as promised, on Tuesday as to which date our round table meeting would be rescheduled – either 12th or 15th May and we waited, and waited, then eventually emailed to ask for an update.  The answer was that neither date had yet been put in the diary .

The 360 Steering Group met as scheduled on Wednesday 10th May with a busy agenda which was punctuated with pauses to look at the sun setting across the Forth.  Breathtaking and spectacular views from our meeting space were a poignant reminder of the importance of doing whatever we can to mitigate the damage from climate change.

Actions from the Steering Group meeting –

  • writing to ask that we revert to the original plan for the round table meeting – suggested and agreed in December 2022;
  • giving instruction on the Planning Permission in Principle application;
  • awaiting changes to draft documents from PSC;
  • to confirm attendance at ELCAN Gathering and Energy Conference & who will attend on our behalf.

This week has ended with reflection on the huge disappointment of the round table meeting; a renewed commitment to find a way to manoeuvre around or over the barriers ELC has put up between themselves and the communities they represent and must – surely – engage with;  Collaboration & the importance of partnerships remains a key 360 focus;  acknowledgement of our fortune in having new folks join us – we welcome them, their input and enthusiasm;  and we thank the 360 team who have committed to the 360 roller-coaster to date – a most resilient, dedicated and passionate group of folks, there’s no doubt that journeys like 360 are not for the faint-hearted . Nat King Cole’s cover of ‘Pick Yourself Up’ comes to mind!