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Scotland's Climate Change Centre, in the heart of East Lothian by the shores of the Forth.

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The 360 Centre:
A vision for the Future,
A vision for the Community

Following the decline of many local industries, and the loss of thousands of jobs across the area in the preceding decades, the demolition of Cockenzie Power Station in 2015 seemed to mark the end of an era. Today the empty site sits at the centre of the area with the hope that a new purpose can be found, a purpose that will unite communities, provide high quality jobs, improve educational outcomes, and meet local ambition.

The community are coming together around the concept of building a unique and ambitious centre within a rewilded area which can incorporate all of the most important aspects of the site and its heritage – the beauty of the marine and natural environment, the wealth of arts and culture across the area, a proud industrial heritage, and the desire to be at the cutting edge of the technology and practice that will help address the Climate and Ecological Emergency – a centre which has the environment, and our changing climate at its heart.

It’s a 360°vision that could be accommodated on this site within a major new centre – the 360 Centre – that would have local, national, and international importance. Our centre would look outwards at the marine environment – a key indicator of climate change; downwards towards the industrial heritage of the mines which stretch out under the Forth but are now themselves being explored to provide much needed clean green geothermal energy; upwards to the sky – where the carbon we’ve released is warming the planet; around at the rich tradition of arts, culture, and innovation along our coast – the murals and tapestries, the artists and musicians who live in the communities as well as back to where we have come from – to the importance of the industrial heritage which has shaped both the communities and the land over the past hundreds of years and finally, forwards towards a vision of the future for the next generations to come.

Be part of that vision for the future, read the full 360 centre draft document.

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We would welcome your views, for this initiative to have any chance of success it will need wide community support and discussion on all aspects, additional ideas are welcome.

Please contact us with any comments or if you would like to support us.