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As a community space with a climate change focus, what facilities or uses for this space would YOU like to see . . . for our young folk, our elderly folks, environment, education, job creation, tourism, art, health & well-being?  How could our national centre contribute positively towards the climate emergency we all face?  Throughout the early stages of the 360 project, lots of positive ideas have been put forward in support of the proposal – a few of the aspirational, inspirational, visionary suggestions are below:-

I like - very much - the sound of the proposal. Particularly as an educational facility.

I’d like to see a lido and a community wildlife rescue centre – staffed & funded appropriately.

The area badly needs this kind of centre to bring people together to find solutions to climate change and put them into practice. There is a need for space for leisure activities to encourage young people to participate in creative and sociable ways. There are not enough outlets for the youth in the area to focus their energy productively. A centre like this could provide a place to learn how to create change.

Green space with areas for education for children and adults concerning the environment. This will also enable generations to learn, appreciate and to give youth a place to go. There is so little green space left now with all the huge scale housing developments. Let's keep an open space, especially with beautiful sea views for the future generations - before it's too late.

A climate change beacon for East Lothian, for Scotland, for the UK, Europe and the World.

I enthusiastically support this proposal and believe that it will deliver benefits in a variety of areas including education, tourism, climate change awareness, employment and well-being.

I would like to see the site used for a climate change centre and hub for learning. It would be great to see it flourish as a community space with the Planet and People at its heart.

Harnessing the awareness of Future Ready Scotland (a future that will inevitably be altered by climate change) in a proactive way that will attract visitors, attract more investment (appropriate investment) and with careful management will rejuvenate the area with a deeper understanding of its proud past and an eye towards a bright future.

A seal rescue area for around 10 seals. There isn't anywhere on this side of Scotland to help rehabilitate seals. This site would be ideal as they can be released into the forth without having to drive them somewhere else. This could be used for educational purposes too.

After being at a few of the 360 meetings I learned how much the community needs the benefits the centre will bring! It will develop our community spirit, schools and our local businesses. As well as bringing jobs to the community, it will educate on a much needed topic. I can only hope for the future generations that the centre will get the go ahead