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The open parklands of the Greenhills are included in Zone 1 of the Masterplan. Andrew Crummy’s Three Women could compliment and enhance the Greenhills, reflecting our past, while looking to the future. What do you think?

The Three Women

Three giant women stand looking out to the sea.

Each one stands on the top of the three hills of The Greenhills.

Who are these three women? Who do they represent?

Are they are looking out waiting for the fishing boats to return, praying their men folk are safe? Waiting for the fish so they can get them ready for selling?

Are they the women who have just returned from working deep down in the mines at Prestonlinks, Prestoungrange or the many other pits around Tranent and Prestonpans?

Are they the women who helped their husbands in the Saltpans of Cockenzie and Prestonpans?

Are they the women from all over Scotland who followed their men to The Battle of Prestonpans in 1745?

Are they the women who were accused of witchcraft in 1589 by King James VI?

Are they a women bondage’s who worked the fields of East Lothian?

Whoever The Three Women are, they stand looking out towards the sea, casting an eye to the future while watching out for the next glorious sunset.